revised coaching banner 0002-15672470This landscape and garden design consultation helps the home gardener create beautiful gardens border by border, area by area, project by project.

Maria has been working with home gardeners for over 20 years. Her advice helps homeowners fix their mistakes and create beautiful, functional, and healthy landscapes.

Maria’s Coaching:

  • Put the right plant in the right place in a shaped bed that works with your goals.
  • Get help with your front foundation plantings, street, back patio, and vegetable gardens.
  • Projects you can complete in one weekend or a few.
  • Planting suggestions, quick sketches of plantings, walks, and more.
  • Sketches diagram what plant goes where.
  • Bed shapes drawn on your lawn with landscape paint –easy to follow.
  • Container placement and planting ideas.
  • Your personal Plant Color Palette
  • Improve your home landscape border by border or area by area.
  • Prevent costly mistakes.
  • Tips to garden organically.
  • Fulfill dreams and get beautiful eco-friendly landscape and gardens.

Schedule a Coaching Appointment:

Maria charges $150 an hour. Within a 20 mile radius of Sudbury there is no travel fee.

Email to book an appointment now or use the following form:

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