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Before: Ordinary from afar and disorganized planting beds with little winter appeal.

After: vivid flower gardens and a pollinator meadow. The House foundation planting includes low growing flowering shrubs, broad-leaf evergreen shrubs, and perennials. The  front drive wall border are filled with perennials.  Containers and an arbor are part of the design. Some of the meadow plants appear in the house gardens in a “tamer” arrangement. That way, both gardens are connected thru the seasons as both gardens bloom and ebb. The gardens make a welcoming entry that bloom from spring to frost with winter appeal.

The  Pollinator Garden Meadow has many native plants to attract birds and pollinators. The meadow planting really change with the seasons. It’s low in the spring with bulbs and lupine. Later tall and low plants take the “stage” while spring plants recede. The foliage ways and rustles with wind creating a dynamic picture. Late October and early November, the grasses rule with seed pods creating impressionist images.