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Landscape Garden Design

Master Plans and garden designs include walkways, walls, patios, and four-season plantings. You’ll love the custom landscapes Maria von Brincken creates just for you. Her hardscape and flower garden design transforms your home’s appearance and creates great places to spend time with family and friends. Her earth-friendly work also solves those pesky site problems. An experienced certified landscape designer, Maria works with you and provides quality installation you’ll appreciate.

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Since 1990, Maria von Brincken Landscape Garden Design has provided professional landscaping services to clients in the greater Boston area. Serving homes in Sudbury, Acton, Concord, Lincoln, and North Framingham, Maria combines visual aesthetics with eco-friendly implementation. Working with clients to create beautiful, functional, and earth friendly landscapes and gardens.

Design includes hardscape and planting combinations for a four-season display. Maria von Brincken Landscape Garden Design consults with you directly to create a design that will satisfy your personal vision, while also incorporating professional horticultural and design knowledge. This collaborative technique helps Maria von Brincken to maximize the beauty of your garden for all seasons.

People use the terms ‘landscape architect’ and ‘landscape designer’ interchangeably. Maria is a certified landscape designer performing the same services as a landscape architect creating landscape architecture.

To make reimage your landscape, Maria von Brincken Landscape Garden Design closely considers your lifestyle needs with a custom questionnaire. Working with you, she will transform your space into the beautiful garden you envision.

With Maria von Brincken Landscape Garden Design, you will increase your home’s curb appeal, in addition to creating a relaxing space for your family to enjoy. Email to schedule a consultation, and begin the transformation of your landscaping and garden today!

Serving Sudbury, Acton, Concord, Lincoln, and North Framingham, Massachusetts.