Fantasy Garden

Display Garden, Hampton Court Flower Show, 2004

The display garden I call the “blue door garden” I saw at the Hampton Court Flower Show in London. I love the door color, but even more its invitation to enter into a wild space.  I wonder where the path would take me. The vision calls up images of the “Secret Garden”.  You remember the movie where the children found an abandoned garden hidden behind high walls and a locked door. It becomes their garden of play and wonder which they restore and in the process heal themselves. The Hampton Court display garden portrays a wild, rustic, and ‘sustainable’ place. Its probably not something that would work for a lot of people’s landscape. But I’m drawn to it and use it in my slide lecture that I’m now in the process of converting to power point called Vertical Gardening: Plants that Flower Up and Around .  (Note there is a vine climbing the masonry arch). I use it because I think it helps me “think outside- the-box” and hope it does the same for others too.

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