Winter Windowsill Arrangement

My kitchen window doesn’t have a lovely view so I create  my own.  I use favorite objects to create arrangements and change them whenever I’m in the mood. Yesterday I potted the leaf of Huechera ‘Palace Purple’ that had grown roots in my grandmother’s vase . It was threatening to die if I didn’t take action.  Looking for a small container that would suite the  seedling  til spring and fit  the window sill I found the blue and white ‘bulb ‘ vase snoozing in a cabinet. Snippets of white pine from another winter arrangement filled

January Window Arrangement
January Window Arrangement

my grandmother’s vase.  I also potted up a baby houseplant saved from the  compost bin into a metal pot.  Now I have something I like to see each time I use the sink or walk into the kitchen. If you have a view that’s less than awesome try assembling your own favorites. It doesn’t take much time and gives a lot of satisfaction. Have fun!

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