Snow Flowers

Winter Wonderland Entry
Winter Entry Garden

Driving backroads through pine forest, dormant fields, and orchards I found myself marveling at the beautiful winter scenery.  Without a camera to capture what I saw yesterday I’ve inserted the photo of my front entry that speaks to light and snow and winter forms. Years ago I read somewhere about a Japanese village that celebrates winter beauty by hosting a snow flower festival. Snow flowers are the snow forms captured by branch, leaf, and needle crevices. Look at the shrub on the far right. Do you see the snow flowers on the top branches? Look to the far left, do you see the linear snow flowers on the conifer? Or the way the leaved branches near the conifer have formed different kinds of snow flowers?  In that Japanese village they prepared their plants all year so they could take first prize for the most magnificent snow flowers. I don’t think that’s necessary.  All we need is an observant mind that notices the snow flowers formed on decidous and evergreen plants.  The next time you’re shoveling or walking or skiing thru a winter wonderland take a moment and look around.  You might just be graced by snow flowers!

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  1. As we swelter here in southern Australia in over 43 degree heat day after day (that’s over 100 degrees F for you un-metricated Americans), it’s wonderful to look at what nature is doing on the other side of the world. It’s such a beautiful picture, Maria and, more importantly a welcoming entrance. Though is it BYO snow shovel?

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