Bluebirds in January!

Bluebirds Visit my Feeder January 26
Bluebirds Visit My Feeder January 26
Amazing!  A flock of bluebirds visited my feeder a couple of days ago.  In the three years I’ve lived in this location near a man-made wetland in the vicinity of a really large pond, they’ve visited on their way to somewhere about the same time. (Now its the magic number three I will have to record the dates! ) I’m glad I can accommodate their pit stop needs. But I wonder about them.  I wonder about the occasional nesting pair I ‘d host in my previous location in the wild grass area I maintained near wildlife corridor of shrubs and woodland.  Years of observing the bluebird house made as a girl scout project with one of my daughters with only 1 or 2 sightings and now I live on a flight path.  Its quite wonderful really.  Growing up on the west coast I had always heard about the “bluebird of happiness” only to discover when I moved to the east coast that they were nearly extinct!  Their visit each year cheers me and allows me the audacity to hope that maybe someday flocks will visit me and nest nearby all summer. Maybe somehow we as a people will succeed in increasing the bluebirds and happiness potential in our world.  Thank you beautiful birds.

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