Amazing Amaryllis Begins to Open

Oh My!
Oh My! 'Dancing Queen' Opens








Budding Amaryllis
Bud Stalk in Combination with Foliage
Wow! Its a beautiful baby. One of three! Yes, triplets! You can see the other buds behind the opening one. The photograph below shows the Amaryllis in relation to the other plants grouped together. Notice the role of foliage and form in the composition. You’ll want to know the names of the other plants.  I don’t know. If possible, I’ll find out and post later. (Do you have a system of keeping plant names some place you can find them later? As I write, I think maybe a digital file). But I digress. Its important when gathering plants together that you arrange them as a composition of  form and foliage. Then with or without flowers you have a pleasing display.  Note as well that the containers are all the same material and color except for one. Yup, there’s a magenta orchid in bloom. Very beautiful. Nice that the color works well with the amaryllis coming into bloom. Complete luck! What would I do if they clashed?  Move it some where else. In the meantime, the beauty of the flowers makes my day. I hope you have an amazing flower in your life to greet your day!

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