Amazing Amaryllis Creates Multiple Flower Buds

Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen'
Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen'


Bud Stalk in Combination with Foliage

Beautiful. Isn’t it. I’ve been watching the lengthening stalk for a while now with its promise of flower.  A dear friend gave the bulb to me early in December.  I potted it up with no idea of its color.  So I wait and watch and wonder. The anticipation of its emergence is part of the fun. My mind wanders a bit with this thought. I find myself sketchily remembering bits about flowers from Michael Pollan’s book ‘Botany of Desire’.  Totally out of context and order from his elegant arguments and prose, I remember that flowers played a role in our survival.  If an hunter/gatherer noted flowers blooming, he/she would know where to harvest fruit or berries later.  So appreciation of flowers may be wired into our DNA.

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