Maples and Pulmonarias, Acers and Lungworts

The Polmonarias are my favorite early spring plants
The pulmonarias are my favorite early spring plants



Acer 'Folicifolium' in Bud
Acer 'Folicifolium' in bud

  The swamp maples red glow brighten our New England woodlands now–its Acer rubrum’s spring color reminiscent of autumn. But its the Acer japonicum ‘Folicifolium’ bud’s that hold my attention just now.  Long a favorite tree I planted one in my garden last fall. I’d never seen it at this time of year and while I anticipate its spectacular scarlet flowers I find the white buds forming at the end of the red branches a wonderful note in my spring garden symphony. Who knew?

 My favorite garden section right now displays the deep steel blue lungworts with the spoted foliage (most likely Pulmonaria ‘Mrs. Moon”–it has pink flowers too– and  “Silver Shimmers”).  The photo above shows them blooming in combination with the red heuchera foliage, round shinny green European ginger, deep blue scilla, budding Acer ‘Viridis’, and the lovely rock. Each morning’s visit to this splendor makes my day!

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