A Few Garden Moments

Red Clematis visually separates the wild from the cultivated garden
Red Clematis 'Ernest Markham" ? visually separates the Wild from the Cultivated Garden
Yellow perennial Digitalis and red Dianthus highlight the foliage of Hemerocallis and Enkianthus
Yellow perennial Digitalis grandiflora and red Dianthus ‘Frosty Fire”? highlight the foliage of Hemerocallis and Enkianthus
White Siberian Iris, Yellow Hosta 'Sub and Sustance', Pink Agilegia
White Iris  siberica, blue and yellow Hosta ‘Francis Williams’, yellow Hosta ‘Sum and Subtance’, pink Agilegia
Designed as a journey of garden moments–sometimes at first all I see are the weeds and the plants that need dead heading. Then the magic takes over.  Planned and unplanned combinations ask me to linger with them for a moment and forget everything else. A few moments of marvel and wonder as I take in the color, texture, fragrance, birdsong and breeze softly moving leaves. A few treasured and luxurious moments  a garden dweller  inhales and exhales. These I share with you–a few of many moments within a June garden in Boston’s western burbs.

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