Mid-November Tapestry


Japanese Maple with European Ginger and Silver Lungwort
Japanese Maple with European Ginger, Silver and Spotted Lungwort

Mid-November and much in the perennial garden has been cut back or left lingering for the shapes created by the first snows. A casual stroll finds many lovely aspects in the garden in a season many consider without charm.

Taken a few days ago, the photograph reveals a combination revealed through an intricate pattern of branches.  A similar photo could have been taken in early spring and cherished as much. The asarum europaeum (European ginger) and the pulmonaria ‘Silver Shimmers’ (the very silver leaf) and pulmonaria ‘Mrs. Moon’ or ‘Victorian Brooch’ appear very early in spring and bloom before the Japanese maple (Acer j. ‘viridis’) leafs out. 

During the summer, Acer p. ‘viridis’ cascades with lovely dissected green foliage. Not long ago the maple displayed a stunning yellow-orange fall color. I know that throughout the winter I will continue to enjoy this plant as snow and ice traces its form. For the present I’m savoring this mid-November garden combination of branch and perennial foliage that continues to provide texture and color. It’s one of many tucked within the late fall tapestry provided by the garden. I hope you’re inspired to seek out November treasurers in your own garden.

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