Looking Inside

texture is amazing
Amazing texture, shape, and colors….

If you tire of the beautiful winter wonderland, look closely at your friend’s or your own indoor plants.

P.S. Wondering what this plant is?  Echeveria gibbiflora.  My friend Marylyn–a horticultural diva– grew this succulent. It’s in the same family as the jade plant. “Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Carunculata’ is quite distinctive. This cultivar has very blue colored leaves with very exotic-looking growths that arise from the upper foliage during some periods of the year. Rather than having the usual rosette, ground-hugging form, this looks more like an overgrown flowering cabbage or kale that we typically see during the fall months in garden centers”. While I’m interested in the foliage, you might like to know that this “hens and chicks” (not the Sempervirum associated with this “common” name)  blooms in the winter months. In zones 8-10–its native area it prospers in a woodland area.  Succulent in a woodland–interesting mental picture–isn’t it? My friend Marylyn grows it in a sunny southern facing window filled with other plants (some tall and some short)–maybe that mimics a woodland. For more information, check out the site I googled and quoted from “Cacti and Succulents Site–the article by Bella’s online Cacti and Succulents Editor, Connie Krochmal.

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