flower hunt


Millions of children hunt brightly colored eggs this morning.  Not to be left out, my child within hunts the new spring flowers that daily appear in my garden. The lovely witch hazel that provided so much delight and hope mere weeks ago in cheerless March now wears her petals as bright yellow carpet. The pounding rain of Monday and Tuesday literally drove those petals down down down. Nearby, mid-week, the pink flowers of the daphne made their appearance. A mere slip not long ago given by a friend now a foot tall. In a week or two, I’ll transplant it so it will be seen in combination with the witch hazel in the years it might again bloom together. Meanwhile, the pansies planted Friday seem to frolick in their containers so happy and responsive to the 70 degree days and 50 degree nights. 

The wonder continues.  The hellebore, the  pulmonaria, early daffodils join the parade begun not long ago by the scilla and chionodoxa–color notes of vivid and pale blue here and there.  Not quite what I imagined for the scilla. The hundreds planted are merely dots here and there–the others enjoyed by burrowing critters I imagine.  Ah, well. Perhaps the few will naturalize and create the blue carpet envisioned when planted.

May you all enjoy the delights of the early spring garden. May you all enjoy the bird song as you savor.

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  1. Is it illegal to cut blue bonnets and use them in a arrangement in my home?

    1. probably…check with your conservation group

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