Hummingbird Story

Changing Early Spring Garden
Changing Early Spring Garden

Hummingbird visits to my garden are always a treat for me. I don’t have a feeder, but one passes thru the flower garden now and then. My hairdresser, Suzy, told me a lovely story. She places a feeder in her garden every year about this time (late April-May) and eagerly awaits the visits.

Over the years, one particular female came regulary attracted to her feeder and also the trumpet vine that blooms all summer. Last year the bird brought her young-4 of them- with her. One day watching thru the window, Suzy saw her favorite hummingbird fall to the ground. Alarmed she rushed outside to find the bird had flown to a nearby tree. Then she fell to the ground again. Suzy, concerned that a very interested Bluejay might harm the hummingbird, created a box filled with the bird’s favorite plants. Then she carefully placed the bird within.

While making calls to the Audobon Society and her vet Suzy noticed the bird perched on the trumpet vine branch she had included to comfort her. Suzy wanted to help the bird that she treasured and appreciated within her life. She couldn’t, but the very act of trying reminds me about best of being human. This year Suzy looks forward to the offspring visiting and providing the wonder that hummingbirds do.

I look forward too.  As my spring garden changes with temperature and moisture almost daily (photo taken above last week), I wonder if the hummingbird I notice each year is the same one. Do I have a hummingbird that has made my garden his or her special stop? I hope so. I like the connection. I like the idea that as a human I can offer nourishment to hummingbirds within my small tended piece of earth. Meanwhile, I enjoy the daily treat of something opening and something changing–sometimes as small as the subtle color offered by  japanese maple’s red and green swelling buds. May you enjoy the discovery unfolding each day in the garden.

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