Jewels of the the Journey

Thalia and Hellebore
White Narcissus Thalia and pink Helleborus orientalis

Did the Thalia narcissus blooming with the pink hellebore enchant me more than the European ginger with the emerging fern? Or the amazing smell of  the lilac scenting the garden fully 2 -3 weeks earlier than usual?Or the textures of  allium, cerastium, granite, and geranium foliage? Or the wonder of the sun lighting the varied array of tulips? Or the muted red mixed with spring green of the Japanese maple foliage ? Or the birdsong? So many sensual delights greet me when I take the time to wander my garden’s paths. May you be so delighted.

Asarum and Emerging Fern
Asarum europaeum and Emerging Fern

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