Spring Blues as in Yummy Colors

Rapsedy in Blue
Rhapsody in Blue
The garden changes daily now. Heat, rain,wind, and longer days continue the parade of plants emerging, opening, and flowering. The blue pansy paired with the muscari have been delighting me for weeks. But now, the rose foliage behind and sedum adjacent create a lush abundance to greet me.

Composition in Blue
Composition in Blue
Here’s the larger composition. This season’s white and blue pansies create the container’s spring arrangement. Blue pansies planted in the ground last year (when I changed spring for summer flowers) have wintered over and bloom harmoniously with the muscari and the spring foliage. The yellow of  the ground cover adds contrast and cheer to an otherwise somber color. The bit of yellow in the contrasting white pansy in the container connects to the yellow behind. Hopefully the delight and harmony of the garden compositions lends to harmony within ourselves.

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