Unfolding Fascination


I planted the ligularia (L. dentata ‘Othello’) because of its wonderful  heart leaf shape and purplish greenish coloration (more purple in spring–more green in summer).  It gives contrast and texture midst the hostas.  I’d seen it in flower in other gardens, but never watched the flower unfolding. 

 See the pod-like shape in the lower part of the photo?  That encases the bud  (and maybe technically is part of  it ).  Anyway, it opens to reveal the tight round bud.  See it with the yellow peaking out?  Then, the first of the flowers opens.  If you look closely you’ll see other flowers underneath. I’ll have to watch to see if all open and come forward together to make a huge yellow mass or if each waits til the one opens and goes by before taking it’s place on center stage.

This kind of revelation doesn’t happen causally.  From a distance you perceive color and form, but it’s up close that you find this kind of  magic.  I discovered this remarkable flowering while I was dead-heading a near-by hosta. Since then I’ve been visiting daily to see what happens next. Small entertainment, but something special and magical just entered my life.

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