An Unexpected Encounter


Last post, I was wondering how the Ligularia d. ‘Othello” would open to full flower.  Away for a few days, camera in hand, I went to check it out. Lo and behold! An unexpected visitor!  Unexpected because it’s a new plant in my garden planted for its leaf shape, dark stems, leaf color, and shocking orange brilliance in the shade garden. I hadn’t ‘connected the dots’ to realize that Ligularia attracts butterflies. But, of course, it’s a ‘daisy-shape’ –the favorite form for them.

So a few moments of wonder and multiple photographs later, we can see ‘Othello’s’ form and it’s lovely visitor.  Of course, I could have googled the plant to get the same information, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun as visiting the garden–watching the unfolding, listening to the rustle of foliage, inhaling the fragrance of nearby clethra and daphne, and encountering the joyful butterfly and watching it intently gather nectar from each of the daisy- like flowers. I did try to identify the butterfly, but no luck ‘googling’ that one!

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