Entry Garden Still Blooming Early November


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  1. Margi MacMurdo- Reading Avatar
    Margi MacMurdo- Reading

    Hi Maria!
    such beautiful photographs and work you have here! I used to do what you do in Minneapolis Minnesota- ( I used to own Earth Kind Garden Design, Inc.) but then I moved to the south island of New Zealand in 2004 with my husband and children- We just went to Boston for a few days in early December to look at Berklee for one son and Harvard for the other son- and my interest in Boston has been piqued! Now I am trying to figure out how to spend summers in both hemispheres in the near future- And this research has led me to your site- are you as overwhelmed and busy in Boston with the amount of work as I was in Minneapolis I wonder? Or has the economy slowed things a bit?
    Margi MacMurdo-Reading

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