Walls of Snow cover my snow flowers!


When I took this photo, I could still see the low-growing foundation plants.  Now walls of snow cover all the plants in the entry garden. However, you might have taller plants that capture and create snow flowers. So…

Years ago, a passage in a novel described a snow festival in a Japanese village that celebrated  “Snow Flowers”. That’s snow plant crevices capture in charming shapes or “flowers”. Seeking to win first prize, the villagers grew their plants with the goal of creating the loveliest flowers. As the village noted the best ones, the looking was reward in itself.

Since reading that passage, each year I look to my garden and elsewhere seeking snow flowers. These star-shaped flowers were created by a dwarf globe blue spruce near my front door.  Look to your own cultivated or wild landscape or the ones you pass on your daily treks.  Enjoy!

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