Favorite Flower Show Image


copyright maria von brincken 2011
copyright maria von Brincken 2011


I love this image and this display taken at the Boston Flower Show, March 18, the morning I managed to attend.  It shows color, form, texture from plants, sculpture, and field-stone steppers.

I love the use of sculpture in this exhibit as a whole. I wish more people would go the extra step and use sculpture in their landscapes.  I often suggest it, but it seems to be hard to image.  Hopefully, displays like this one will help people to imagine using sculpture. This one adds a vertical aspect and curves and the lovely rusty color that complements the blue and white plant material. It’s also four-season as it adds to the winter landscape.

Notice the way the white tulips and blue flowers and foliage repeat and weave on both sides of the stepping stone path. Also, note the way the path takes our eye to the tree house and the shadow. I’d like to see the planter at the end of our line of sight larger/taller, a lighter colored material, and filled with light reflecting white and blue foliage. Using those colors would continue the color pattern and create a magnificent crescendo!  The designer missed an opportunity here for a little drama in this logical focal point. However, everything else is so wonderful.

We can image being in this garden space, can’t we? We can imagine strolling the path and climbing the tree house stairs. Really nice exhibit, don’t you agree?

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