Muted Tones of Early Spring Woodland

Driving around and thru local towns, I notice the brown and grey theme of the local woodlands–nothing wrong with it, but I’m winter weary. It’s always this way in early spring here in New England–uninspiring native landscape and my own cultivated land a mess.

But I find if I look to the places with water I can find some aesthetic appeal.  Like this image I captured while visiting a friend in New Market, NH. The multiple vertical trunks with horizontal view of branches frames the bay view in a pleasing manner. It’s the texture and contrast I appreciate. I notice that where there I see ponds thru the woods, the subtle coloring of browns and greys are more appealing. I think it’s the reflective quality of water that calls and adds some kind of “life” at this time of year.

Managing a bit of garden clean-up between appointments Thursday before the snow storm yesterday, I saw some early spring bulbs poking thru the matted leaves. Now that the storm is over, I can remove some of those leaves so I can see the brilliant blues of the chionodoxa bulbs and the flowers of the early blooming pulmonaria or lungwort. Now that would cheer me up.

With night temperatures rising, I’ll feel comfortable planting the jewel tones of cheerful pansies in the containers  flanking my front door and on the back deck that I see first thing each day.  Pansies will add the color my winter weary eyes will appreciate!001-wp-early-spring-textures-frame-view

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