Gloomy Weather Week, but not from my windows

023-c-wl-path-rivers-thru-spring-planting-combinationsIt’s certainly been another rainy gloomy week in the Northeast. Reminds me of winters in Santa Cruz, CA. The only bright spots are the views from my windows. Out the back, a tapestry of different greens created by a variety woodland trees with a flowering cherry or two, a scene so beautiful I find myself in awe every time.  Out the front windows, I see a blossom covered Dogwood tree.  The nearby pink Lilac that has treated me so such a heavenly scent for weeks has dropped a shower of petals to carpet the ground.  Course, it’s the constant showers that have caused that. Dashing to the car I appreciate other views. One taken above showing how the garden (I love those dwarf purple Iris and think they’re wonderful with the Dianthus silver blue foliage) and the path work together.  Thank heavens for my garden to help lift the gloom of constant rain and cloudy skies.

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