Dawn Pastures

Dew soaked pastures glow in the golden light of dawn. I savor these picturesque views as I drive back roads to my current landscape installation site.

I see brown long horn cattle tucked down into the field and white horses standing up.  Makes me realize that horses must sleep standing up.  Every movie and tv images tumbles into my brain to confirm that. Even as I think these thoughts I realize I’ll have to check that on some website soon.

Later in the day driving by the same pastures, I see a small herd of shourn sheep (maybe 15 or so) grazing in the same pasture with the horses and now standing cattle. I wonder where they were at dawn. The following day about the same time I witness same scene sans sheep. I guess that the rancher (are they called ‘ranchers’ in New England?) must hold the sheep somewhere safe from coyotes at night.

Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2011
Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2011

I took this photo another day about an hour past dawn later in the day than I describe above. The cattle are tucked in a different corner of the field and the horses can’t be seen from this angle. A poor substitute for the magical dawn light image etched in my brain, but at least you can get a feel of the pastural landscape.

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