Late Fall Images from my Garden

The garden’s a mess–the hard frost took out most of the perennial foliage. But look at what I see out my windows and as I travel the garden path.

The first photo shows a close-up of the late fall foliage color. The planting composition you see below shows spirea  in yellow with brown flower remains, the metal tower in black, oakleaf hydrangea in burgundy and burnt orange with the light brown round “Endless Summer” hydrangea flower.


Below the image shows the larger composition.  We see the autumn yellow leaves of the magnolia virginiana (top) with burgundy viburnum mariesii (right) and then the deep burgundy hydrangea quercifolia (left) and the spirea variety (lower left) that has green leaves in spring and summer. You also see in the lower middle part, some of the rosa “Knockout” foliage.

The garden may be trashed but there is still something delightful to see .  Looks even better on days the sun shines!

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