Solstice Sky–A New England Winter Vision

Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2011
Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2011

Inspired, I snapped this enchantingly beautiful sky. Conversing with a friend in the Historic Town Center in Sudbury, Massachusetts I happened to look up and out, and was stopped in my tracks by the sky’s stunning beauty.

New England offers such beautiful skies. Especially, I love the crisp and brilliantly clear night skies at this time of year.

And, often, I wonder about the English settlers looking at this sky and thinking about another sky on the other side of a large ocean.  I’ve lived here long enough that I don’t think too often of the ‘big’ skies I watched growing up in Northern California. If there is anything I miss about California it’s the ‘long views’ and the ‘ big skies’.

Here I start really noticing the night skies sometime in the late fall, as I can’t help but wonder at the the stars. The late fall alignment seems particularly bright to me and calls out to me to look and marvel. At this time of year I can’t help thinking about the carol phrase ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’. I don’t know why and don’t remember the verses, but something about the song and the phrase suits what’s I’m seeing and feeling.

There’s something powerful and beautiful about this winter late afternoon sky.

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