Subtle Pallet Awaits You in Winter’s Woods

Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2012
Photo by Maria von Brincken copyright 2012

This subtle pallet drew me to this woodland winter place. Indeed the hues of white, silvery green, blues, brown, and charcoal color my living room. I love the contrast of large and small, vertical and horizontal.

Tree trunks of varying widths painted with splotches of silvery green lichen contrasts with narrower branches of saplings and shrubs. The horizontal layers of sky, cloud, shoreline, and water add a depth and tonal texture to the strong vertical textures of bark and lichen.

The subtle influence of sunlight keeps the misty tones happy rather than sombre.  Winter tones are not always drab as I was happy to rediscover on a road in the Catskills Mountains in New York State that I traveled mid-February on my way to WinterSong (a magical song writer’s weekend of workshops, performances, and jams). Perhaps there’s a song to be inspired by this winter woodland patch.

I know there’s a garden inspiration from it somehow somewhere. I think songwriting and landscape design share the task of creating a place and taking you on a journey. Designing garden places and the journeys that offer treasures that ask us to linger, pause, breath deeply and restore us to the present is my lifework. The gift this winter woods offered to me was to pause, linger with the beauty, and include that wonder in my day.

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