Boston Flower Show a Beauty in sights, sounds, and scent

Photo by Maria von Brincken 2012
Photo by Maria von Brincken 2012

The Boston Flower Show open through March 18th stimulates all your senses. I’ve so many great photos of  beautiful garden rooms with lovely details and features. Difficult to choose one photo, but the enchantment in the exhibit designed as a children’s garden featured above won my vote this morning.

As a landscape exhibit Judge representing the New England Chapter APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers), it was the first year that we presented an award. The exhibit we selected is shown below.

Labeled as a roof top garden, this outdoor room could be done almost anywhere–urban or suburban. It was really hard to choose the award winner for our category–two or three exhibits were really close, but the “runners up” all had a major drawback in design. Maybe a transition didn’t work or a feature contradicted the theme and so on. This one worked on all levels. Yet, all the exhibits would be great in anyone’s landscape. All beautiful and superbly crafted. Lots of ideas for the home gardeners and professionals alike.

The smells of flowers, the song of birds, the rich textures and colors of  hardscape materials and plantings offered so much welcome stimulation to winter tired senses.

I loved the way the sculptural silver “plants” were used in the water features and tucked here and there unexpectedly within the exhibit.  The design featured a simple classic geometric shape based on a cross–highly functional and bold structure framing the outdoor room that included nooks and views in and out. But the diversity of plantings, containers, water features, views, seating areas offered an intimate friendly space invited you in to pause, look, listen, and most importantly, relax.


The  judges shown in this photo are myself, Maria von Brincken,APLD to left, then Joyce K. Williams, APLD, and Ellin Hanlon, APLD. We are all international certified designers.

Flower Shows offer many great ideas as well as welcome sensory delights. Hope you all get to explore one soon.

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