Happy Solstice, One and All

Inside: Orchids in blush, white, and deep mauve, white Paper-white narcissus, red amaryllis, cream hellebore, ribbons, bows, bright reflective baubles, fragrant white and pink lilies adorn different rooms. And outside: pictured below a container filled with needled conifer with Daphne, rhododendron & winter-berries I see everytime I enter the sun room.

Design and Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2012

All these things color my world on this Winter Solstice. Throughout my home, inside and out, I gather beautiful textures and colors of the living and flowering world. I guess I need to create “garden rooms” whether inside or out.

It’s an “earth marking”, the Winter Solstice marks the day where we get to enjoy more daylight each afternoon. Each day sunset will be a little later–darkness at 4pm really reminds us of seasonal change and something bigger than us–but sometimes it’s a little bleak.

Today, for me this year, it’s a day to bake, do a little office work, sit in front of the fire listening to music and hide out from the pouring rain.  It’s a day to write a bit here before plunging into more Christmas preparations.  Always, it’s a quieter day and one full of gratitude for the beauty I feel lucky to gather, make and enjoy. It’s a day to hope we can each in our own way find a way to connect to a larger harmony and find and become the peace we want to see.

Happy Solstice.


Design & Photo: Maria von Brincken 2012

Design & Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2012


Design & Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2012


Design & Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2012

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  1. Beautiful photos, Maria! It was wonderful to see your wonderful holiday decorations “in the flesh” at your home. I loved them all! As always, Weed and Feed was great, but especially festive with your delicious food and generous hospitality. Thanks for a lovely afternoon and the pretty holiday wine cork.

    Have a very merry Christmas with your family!



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