Enchanted by a Fleeting View

Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2013

Darkness accompanied me as I trod downstairs to make my daily latte. A bit later, I climbed the day-lit stairs, and I was awestruck by the view created by last night’s snowfall.  I marveled at myself because I thought I was tired of looking at snow. Yet there I was– captured by the beauty outside my windows. Enchanted, I savored the subtle coloring of the sky and the snow flocked forest.

Writing now, it’s all gone.  The ‘warm’ mid 30’s day has melted it. So fleeting. Yet I realize it’s all fleeting. Moment to moment, day to day, our landscape changes, not always as dramatically, but still changing never-the-less. That’s why it’s so important to look.

Photo: Maria von Brincken copyright 2013

3 responses to “Enchanted by a Fleeting View”

  1. Such beautiful observations and thoughts, as always. I’m sitting here Sydney on yet another rainy day. But now I’ll try to listen the sound of it, watch the drops fall, and enjoy its beauty too. Thank you for making me look at it anew.

  2. I’m so glad my post reminded you to enjoy the rain. The way you phrased it reminded me of rain symphonies ever so recently!

  3. Beautiful photos, but hopefully we will soon start to see some warmer weather!

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