Gardens — antidotes to the news

The garden is always there. You break your arm–struggle to keep up with work.  But the garden is always there.

Enkianthus and Viburnam in bloom in author's garden. Photo & Design: Maria von Brincken copywrite 2013


The headlines here still speak of the Boston Marathon bombings, a broken Congress, terrible hurricanes in the Midwest, floods, and general mayhem. Those thoughts whirling in my head–I realized I needed to take time to be “in” my garden rather than just enjoy its’ views from inside. So, early one morning last week on my way to a project installation of one of my designs, I took the time to visit my garden. The photos reveal the plantings that captured my attention that day. I marveled, enjoyed, and found a certain peace.

Author's Hosta Garden. Photo & Design: Maria von Brincken copyright 2013
Author’s Hosta Garden. Photo & Design: Maria von Brincken copyright 2013

In the garden space I attuned myself by listening to the birds, smelling the sweet fragrances, by looking for the newly opened flowers. I let myself notice the colors and forms interacting with each other. Color from flowers or foliage, I was reminded, color draws me into the spaces. And once within the spaces, I experience the garden as a whole entity.

So as a designer, I know when I create landscape spaces–entry, back, entertaining, strolling– I will include a sequence of flowering trees, shrubs, perennials, ground-cover, vines, and annuals. Waves of color using foliage and flowers  to create picturesque views. Hoping enchantment will result–the kind of enchantment that invites a stroll in the garden, to linger, to take that moment and let it influence the day.

I hope you take the time to treasure your garden in place today. I know it changed my outlook that day and looking at the photos now I feel the presence, peace, and contentment of the garden. Enjoy its’ antidote to the news!

Foliage Combinations. Phot & Design: Maria von Brincken copyrite 2013
Foliage Combinations. Photo & Design: Maria von Brincken copyright 2013

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  1. I am sure you must have been proud of your labor of love and you have every reason to do so, a garden this beautiful, is some thing every body would like to grow in their homes. I am a landscape designer, so I understand the kind of imagination and effort that you must have put in to create this beautiful spectacle.

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