September Time of Year

It’s mid September in New England–almost the Fall Equinox– the gardens are very dry and we’ve had several nights in the 40’s. We missed the frosts of the southern coast. Ornamental grasses, shrub roses, hydrangeas, summer annuals, and sedum are the stars of the late summer landscape.

Highlights in my garden include the ‘Sweet Autumn’ clematis (c. paniculata), emerging asters, red berries on winterberry holly, and the gradual foliage color change to burgundy in the viburnum, laceleaf Japanese maple, and others.


Landscapes still look lush.  I took these photos– of a landscape I designed and installed a few years back– in the early morning a couple of days ago.  Morning shadows, bright sun, and the lushness of the foliage and masses of pink sedum, shrub roses, and annuals create an inviting garden.

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I’m hoping the weather will let us linger with high 70 degree days for a couple of months.







Meanwhile, I plan to clip the now pink hydrangeas from my own garden to dry in a vase on my kitchen counter. That bouquet will celebrate the Fall Equinox.

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