A Slice of Heaven at Old Frog Pond Farm–Organic Apple Orchard

Last Saturday I got to spend some time in a heavenly spot. An orchard called the “Old Frog Pond Farm”  www.oldfrogpondfarm.com . It offers organic apples to pick. And a slice of heaven.  The day ‘s weather flickered between warm mild and cool mild—sun or cloudy– as the weather front moved this way and that.

Our original apple picking destination –randomly selected– was described as a mob scene by the daughter who had arrived there first. While another daughter and her husband and I finished our lunch, he searched alternatives. Joyfully he announced that he had found an organic apple farm close by.  I was thrilled. Texted the address to the one waiting and off we were to our new destination. Driving country roads, we knew we had arrived by the line of cars parked on both sides of the narrow road.

old frog pond farm 072

The farm is surrounded by water—bogs and ponds and wetlands. The lily pad covered pond near the apple orchard was beautiful. I could image a bull frogs chorus at dusk. As we wandered the rows picking the apples, I felt myself relax and restore.  An amazingly peaceful spot. As a family outing  with adult children it scored high. People with young children seemed happy too.

I’d tried to grow one or two apple trees organically when the kids were young but we moved before the trees matured. Quite frankly I didn’t think I see in my lifetime an organic orchard open for picking.

I posted the orchard’s information on Facebook.  A friend commented that “ it’s almost impossible to grow apples organically in New England because of Apple Maggot Fly.  The really cool things was that in the picture on the website, I could see the apple bait trap on the tree. My professor, Dr. Prokopi, at Umasss/Entomology invented that “… So technology made it possible. Nice marriage of tech and ecology.

And then I read in  Sunday’s Boston Globe that Chinese tourists are attracted to Boston because they can see the blue sky. They love our old parks, and  are attracted to the ‘bucolic health retreat aspect’ of the city and the surrounding towns. All of New England becomes a health destination in high contrast to Beijing and Shanghai. Imagine that!

Something positive in this crazy world. By the way, the apples taste great! Being in that place and supporting a local organic farm was a great way to celebrate the Fall Equinox.



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  1. Hello,
    I just read your sweet post about our orchard. Glad you found us! You may be interested – we’re adding varieties of flowers and herbs between the trees to increase the biodiversity. Even some Jerusalem artichokes growing as well as lots of comfrey. This spring we’ll be adding 32 Asian Pears across from the orchard and again mixing in other perennials.
    Again, thank you –
    And Happy New Year!

    1. Dear Linda,

      Glad to know. Thank you for providing this valuable service to our planet and our health.


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