Sweet Autumn Splendor

Clematis p. 'Sweet Autumn'
Clematis p. ‘Sweet Autumn’

The starry mass of the late blooming “Sweet Autumn’ Clematis welcomes visitors to Carlisle Center Park. It’s a great example of vertical gardening with the clematis’ amazing span across the fence. The planting also creates one ‘wall’ of the “outdoor room” I created for the conversation area.

The massed plantings flank the benches and create the other ‘walls’. That results in a cozy conversation area surrounded by the garden, but with views out. When I created the Park’s landscape and garden design plantings, I envisioned sitting on a sunny fall afternoon enjoying the peace and respite of the place, while savoring the clematis in its starring role with roses, hydrangeas, and the Nippon daisy blooming on in the chorus.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos! I want to have the same garden at my home. I hope that someday I will have such a landscape. Regards!

  2. The autumn is a wonderful season. The colors and the feeling which they left in me are incredible. Lovely article by the way! Every garden is beautiful if it is loved!

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