Gardening at Dawn on a Summer-Like Day

I love gardening at dawn on a summer morning. Cool enough to pull weeds, prune branches, deadhead, plant, lay mulch as I did this last weekend-of-May Sunday. Yet it’s warm enough for shorts and a tshirt.

It’s a time of birdsong and quiet in the neighborhood. No noisy lawn mowers, leaf blowers, or power songs. Just the cool of the morning on my skin, the serenade of birds, the scent of flowering trees, shrubs, and annuals, and the beauty of the planting as they shine with my care.

It’s been a busy spring as usual so the gardening tasks have been mounting up in my mind. The things that have been really bugging me I just accomplished. After working up a sweat and putting the tools away, I do a little watering, and then it’s time to savor the colors of flowers and leaves.

Here’s some of what grabbed my attention. Hope you enjoy these garden portraits as much as I.

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