Waking Up with Flowers and Birdsong in my Deck Garden

Summer mornings find me hanging out on my flower filled deck listening to the birds. I’ve made my coffee and now I’m letting this deck garden embrace me. 

All my sleepy senses are awakening. I smell the herbs nearby–thyme, basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, and more. There’s a breeze moving leaves around and playing soft occasional  notes on the wind chime hanging below.  I feel the wind on my skin. Too early for direct sunshine. 

Course I’m tasting the lovely latte I made while drinking in the bold flower and foliage colors of burgundy,citron, salmony  pink, blue, yellow, and of course, green. There’s more flower color but the large arrangement on my table saves that view for when thru when I’m indoors or sitting in a different chair. 

After taking all the above  in, I notice myself taking a deep relaxing breath. Ah, perhaps I’m breathing with the earth now. Perhaps I’m adding a moment of peace and harmony before I venture into this wacky world. Whatever it is, watching the clouds drift by embraced by my deck garden I’m blissful. 

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