Make a ‘Paperwhite’ Narcissus Flowering Winter Centerpiece

Ah, Saturday morning. It’s a frosty start in mid-November and a perfect time to plant ‘Paperwhite’ bulbs for indoor flowering. And, make a fall and later flowering winter centerpiece.  Planted now, they’ll  bloom in late December and perfume your house, too.

Last week I popped into my local garden center and bought ten  Narcissus ‘Ziva’  ‘Paperwhite’ bulbs.

Now luxuriously in my pjs I’m assembling the plantings.

First, I gather  3  tall wide glass vases stored in my basement. Why vases? When the ‘Paperwhites’ grow their foliage gets leggy, I found it’s easier to keep them from flopping when I use tall vases. Glass makes the foliage is visible and importantly light can pass through to help them grow. You can find these vase styles in home stores. Often they are sold to hold the big pillar candles.  I’m using round, but you could also use square.

I use three vases because it’s easier to form a table arrangement with three. In this case, like the Three Bears, I have a large, medium, and small.

Add pebbles and /or glass beads to the bottom of the vases. About a 1/2 and inch or so.  Note: at the end of the season I clean the stones/beads and store in a plastic bag next to the vases. You can find the small pebbles and glass beads at garden centers.

Now add the bulbs, slightly twisting them into the pebbles so they stand up. Note: 6 fit in my big wide vase, 3 in the medium, 2 in the small.

Add a little water–just enough to cover the stones.

Arrange the vases as you like.

I like to create a centerpiece by placing the three vases in a large basket.  I place them where they get indirect light and I where I get to watch them grow!

It’s fun to watch them to see when the green leaves start to emerge, flowers form, and then bloom profusely!

Try this. For Thanksgiving, I may tuck in small pumpkins or gourds in the basket. You can surround them with leaves–silk or real.

After Thanksgiving, I tuck in vividly colored ornaments.

Enjoy them now, during, and later.

Just Remember to water once a week.

Weeks later: Paperwhites coming into bloom scenting the air and wearing the Yule or Christmas theme. Poinsettias flower behind and shiny bright jewel colored ornaments replace the mini pumpkins! 

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