Transplanted Plants Make a Garden

New gardens and planting borders from old. Transplanting makes instant new gardens. Call this a sustainable practice or  ” recycle, reuse” !  Overgrown foundation plants at the front door get a new life looking good!  Plants from making space for a new addition construction avoid the compost pile. Large Rhodies and the like, and even 12′ -16′ trees can be used to create new garden areas.

This current and on-going project is making way for access from a side road for construction machines and the footprint for a new screen porch.

Catalpa Knoll Garden after the Transplanting (Phase One)

The new Catalpa Knoll Garden. The “walls of this outdoor room” and sitting garden are made from transplanting large existing rhododendron shrubs (6 ‘ tall and wider). The ‘just budding out Catalpa tree’ is existing. The  inspiration for this garden as it’s the owners favorite tree. Behind the rhodies are 16′ tall Arborvitae trees to screen the neighbors and provide texture.


During the Transplanting and Garden Making Project

Transplanting large 14-16′ Arborvitae Trees. Note: these trees were just planted two years ago so root ball is  intact.  This creates a construction access for the new screen porch.

After: The existing plants are gone. The grade was higher than the base or “flare” of the Catalpa Tree. This machine lowers the grade down about 6 ” for  the future sitting area here.Before: the Perimeter bed. Arborvitae’s are tied, root pruned, and ready for transplanting.

Before: The Catalpa Knoll Garden Site. Crew begins to transplant or dispose of existing plants.

Before:  the Perimeter. The marked spruces will move to make an access for construction. They’ll be planted in position for the future fieldstone sitting wall.


Completing the Garden

The next round of planting and transplanting  occurs when we return for the Planting Phase. We’ll remake an existing front garden and use the extra plants in this one.  I’ll post photos of the upcoming transition. The end result will be a special sitting garden that beckons you to cross the lawn. It’s perch will reward with a lovely view of the house gardens. Transplanted plants make a garden. Use them creatively and add a few new ones. Voila! Beautiful!

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  1. I have a shrub in Lowell that I need to transplant to Dracut for a friend and I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully, I can help it live out a longer life at the new location.

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