Places to Inspire

Whatever your daily trek, we all need places to inspire us.

Places that ask us to pause, breathe deep, and rediscover our connections.

Nature leads me to that place of discovery. And, a direct inspiration for my work. It’s the patterns, patterns of interconnection, that most interest me.

Shapes of plant colonies intersecting with others catch my eye. Or the color shapes of light and shadow on water–whether pond or puddle. It might be ice sparkling in sun or the color of shadow created by trees or rocks.

It’s always in the details. The contrast to each when you look closely. Yet when I step back and see the view–the big picture–it creates a sense of awe. The beauty that drew me to get lost in the details in first place.

Reminds me of the proverb “Show the large in the small, and the small in the large”. A good prescription for making gardens and a guide to immersion in a beautiful place.

Here’s a few recent places that inspired me. Hope they encourage you to visit places that inspire us all.

Snow sculpture created by Bird Bath
Ice Edge on a Pond
Heber Valley, Utah December
Lindsey Pond, Concord, MA

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