Decluttering Your Garden

Marie Kondo’s method for decluttering your house works for your garden too. While Reading her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  I realized I’ve been using my own version for decades for designing landscapes, coaching gardeners, and teaching classes.

Turns out that the word “clutter” easily replaces the word  “chaos” . Chaos created from “one’s and twos” of a particular plant, miscellaneous forms in random associations, and a myriad of colors that fail to flatter each other or your home’s appearance is the end result of clutter. (Read NO curb appeal).

First Step to Decluttering your Garden

Decluttering your garden uses the same principles as the Kondo method to tidy your house. Start with an inventory: list plants you love and that are thriving in your earth locale. They are keepers.

Thank Your Plants that Don’t Work  for You

This act of gratitude is the new element I now bring to my design and teaching definitely inspired by Marie Kondo. Thank you. The act of thanking the plant slows you down and connects you to the life force of the plant. Very Zen, I know. But so important. It makes the art of garden design a practice that connects your mind to your body, and your body to the earth. The very act of gratitude helps you pause, breathe, and it becomes a “restoration experience “. Following up on that thought, thank the plants you keep.

After thanking the plant for its service, recycle it by giving to plant sales (garden clubs) or friends. My first garden was started by neighbors giving me plants from their gardens. By the way, if the plant is inter-grown with weeds, then compost it.

Design Your Garden Using only What You Love

How? The plants you keep will be the starting point. Part 2: Designing with plants you love. Or the Art Of Planting Design. Watch for a follow up post on design sometime in the future. Or read my past posts on design.

Or take my class this July at Massachusetts Horticultural Society :, hire me as your Garden Coach, or to design your landscape.  Whatever you do, have fun with this.

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