What’s Beauty Anyway?

Late Summer Flower Garden

To some, it’s a well organized sock drawer, or the roll of a perfect putt, or the gurgle of a remote canyon stream.  Or a garden. To me, its not “either–or,  but “and”. Our home landscape and gardens have to potential to offer a place of retreat, play, welcome, and beauty.

A designed landscape and its gardens could be a pollinator meadow, a comfortable place to eat outdoors with family and friends, a way to get from one part to another, or a place to merge with flowers and reawaken our senses. Our home landscape can make a difference in our lives.

Back from side

My goals, as a landscape designer, are to work with people to create places that ask us to pause, linger, and play.  Whether it’s kids running around or adults fiddling with plants, its a place get in touch with the natural world.

Checking the boxes of function, environmental responsibilities, and dreams are goals, too.

All in all, it’s a challenging, but fulfilling life work.  The 13 th century poet Rumi expresses the reason why best, “Beauty surrounds us, but usually you need to be walking in a garden to see it”. Hopefully, walking in your garden helps you see beauty wherever you go.

Late Summer Flower Garden

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