Lighting Our Way

Yellow and White Daffodils add cheer and hope

March roars in like a lion  and leaves like a lamb.  Prickly pear hail storms batter us. While the next day, gentle sun caresses our skin. One moment black clouds, while another cerulean skies give way to contented sighs. Meteorological spring has sprung. Daffodil stems from grocery stores now cheer up our counters and tables. We look forward to bright cheer and light of  bright yellow flowered Forsythia and in ground daffodils. First to bloom, while gardens are still bare.

Beautiful lighting fixtures also cheer and brighten a gloomy night. They do more than safely lighting our way.  New fixtures refresh and update our curb appeal from staid to charming.

Mid- January found me on a client site managing a wall lighting install to assure the design outcome we envisioned. It was a clear day and well over freezing. A great weather window to install new wall lanterns to replace the ones flanking the front door and the garage. Originally scheduled for early December, a snow storm delayed the install.

During the landscape design planning phase,  I measured the existing fixtures, and noted the best size for the new ones. In this case (and in my experience, most cases) the existing lights were too small.  More height and wide would increase the overall size and work better with the scale of the house.

Typically, I visit the lighting store during the design planning phase. Photos of the styles that I think might work are included  in the “Garden Accessories”  packet that accompanies the CAD Landscape Plan that I present to the client. The packet may also feature concept photos of dining and lounging furniture, fire pits, bird baths, small water features,  benches, fence and arbor styles, post-lights, bird houses, and more.

Installing new lights

After the landscape plan is approved and the estimating phase begun, the homeowner and I visit the lighting store and make our selections. I like Patti Bros in Sudbury, MA because they can usually customize the fixtures. In this case the homeowner didn’t want the ” curly thing” on top, but liked the fixture otherwise. So Patti Bros could remove it. It was perfect blend of contemporary and traditional that home’s style and homeowner life style required. Note: In this case, the wall fixtures were installed before the landscape planting installation. In-ground landscape lighting will be installed after the plants.

I’m looking forward to the first blooms of spring and warm gentle days. I know you are, too.

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Before and after Photos this Lighting Project:

BEFORE: Old Lights
AFTER: New Lights, before landscape
BEFORE: Old Garage Lights
AFTER: new garage light




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