Garden Design in the time of Covid-19

Staring out your windows and walking around your yards during our Covid-19 hibernation can be depressing. If you’re wondering if I’m available to help you with your aggravating landscape problems. The answer is Yes! I’m creating landscapes and gardens plans.

I’m available for design planning and coaching over Chime, Zoom, or FaceTime. I can work with you to create small gardens or borders remotely. I’ve done a few now that the clients have measured and photographed. See the kinds of plans here that I can work with you remotely to create.

Starting in May, I plan to schedule initial consultations for small and large projects. Many projects can be done remotely. You’ll take a range of photos and we’ll do the consult over Zoom. Payment via Venmo. For some, we’ll wear masks and meet outside as normal only keep 6 ft apart. Our design review meetings will be held via Zoom or Chime.

Nurseries are stocking plants, masons and landscape contractors are all working in the new ‘Covid’ safe way.

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Let’s make something beautiful happen in the time of Covid!

Late Summer Flower Garden

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