Garden Design Love Story

Love the stone steps into my back shade garden. (Design & Photo C Maria von Brincken)

Use What You Love

I love gardens. All kinds of gardens.  And, I suspect that if you’re reading this, you do, too. Garden Design is more than my profession. Creating gardens that my clients love and that adds to their lives is my design intent.

Recently, after pausing in my own garden to savor my rock steps in back shade garden, I found myself wondering  what exactly do I love in gardens? And, what (beyond certain plants) do my clients love in gardens?  With that epiphany, I changed one of the questions I ask new clients. It now reads “List what you love in and about gardens”. That list guides our garden design process so the built gardens really can add to your life.

To my surprise, my own list is long. Over the next several blogs I’ll highlight the words that came to mind with examples from my client work and my own gardens.

My List

In no particular order, I love: Texture, Stone, Flowers, Form and Contrast, Color Intensity, White Flowers, Spaces to Linger in, Places to experience the  wonder of nature, Gardens that create calm and relaxation, Wild meadows, Color Gardens.

Texture and Stone

Landscape & Garden Design & Photo: c Maria von Brincken.

Make Your Own List

Do you have photos taken of places and parts of landscapes that inspire you? Or you found breath-takingly beautiful?  Collect images of what you love in gardens in a photo album on your phone. Then, let what you love guide your garden design.

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