Make Gardens You Love & Give You Joy

foliage texture
To make gardens you love start by using plants that give you joy! For me, the abundant way the purple “Roxanne”, a perennial geranium, floats over the wall makes me happy. The contrast of its’ pale green rough edged leaves with the smooth variegated blades of the Iris adds textural and visual interest. Additionally, the perky contrast of the orangey-red coneflower adds vibrancy.
Love the bold happy contrast of the pink mass of coneflower coupled with the long drift of white Shasta daisies. And, the filigree ornamental grass that frames it.
Late Summer Flower Garden
Love the large pink flowers of the hydrangea shrub in combination with the blue-purple Russian sage. The vivid pink aster ‘Alma Potschke’ stands out against whimsical fronds of the dwarf fountain grass. Adding to the composition the white arbor and the curving stone wall makes you wonder what’s beyond.

The Best Garden Design uses Plants you Love

Flower gardens give me joy. Flowering plants in large masses and drifts with the occasional individual to keep it interesting. Pairing plant shapes and colors with others that complement and contrast creates visual excitement and abundance. Indeed, the kind of abundance that means you can pick selected stems, here and there, to create stunning flower arrangements for your indoor rooms. Bring the garden inside and feast your eyes.

Bonus: Savoring the Flowers is a quick Relaxation or Meditation Technique

A Noom recommendation for a 1 second practice of mindfulness is to “notice something around you that is beautiful, or something that makes you smile”. Your garden inspires that practice easily.

One of the reasons, I usually include a bench or sitting area is to encourage you to sit for a moment and let your senses engage. A major stress buster!

A Garden You Love Starts with a Design Plan

Making a garden you love to look at and be in starts with a plan. That way all the things you love about gardens can be included and placed to work with each other and entice you into the gardens spaces so can reap the benefits to your body, mind, and soul.

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