Lay-out Design begins with Creating the Winter Garden

Winter garden

The Role Lay-out in Your Winter Garden

The Winter Garden creates the bones or shapes the spaces you linger in or stroll by. It sets the stage for your spring, summer, and fall flower garden. The art of lay-out design to create drifts and masses, or crowds and individuals. Garden visits in winter offer a visual and spatial refresh. Texture and color contrasts soothe the human soul in need of renewal.

Renew your senses. Take a winter stroll in your Garden.

Stroll, meander, linger to experience what I call “Garden Bathing”. A take-off of the Japanese concept “Forest Bathing”. The idea that strolling thru nature changes one’s outlook and mood. Think of your garden as a ‘happy place’ that renews your world weary spirit even in winter. Listen to birds, stillness, smell fresh air, notice texture and forms in relationship. Exhale.

Learn how. Take my Class at the MHS. One starts next week.

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Treat yourself one session’s tutorial walk thru Mass Hort’s “Bressingham Garden”. Look at images of successful plantings in winter. Learn the Art of Lay-out Design.

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