Reimaging Your Landscape & Gardens

Landscape & Garden designed and implemented by Maria von Brincken.

Image yourself pausing in this happy garden

Just a few minutes on the way to or from somewhere. Image all your senses engaged. Surrounded by flower gardens, slowing down to hear the bees buzzing and the birds tweeting, scents of flowers, sun and the occasional breeze on your skin. Calm. Deep Breathing.

Creating this Garden Moment

Creating this happy place is my landscape design goal. Part of that goal is designing stone walls, paths, and patios. Other goals included solving the pesky site problems of drainage, people circulation, making the house look good, dealing with slopes, lighting, and more.

And, of course, the one most people think of when hiring a landscape designer, creating the plantings. Designing color gardens composed of trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, and annuals for four season compositions is the art form I practice. Layout and design using your favorite plants and colors with additions, of course, to make them wonderful and part of a cohesive problem-solving design.

A beautiful solution to get down a slope. Steps are spaced for ease of descent.
An easy descent leads to a new dining terrace surrounded by flower gardens.

An On-site Landscape Consultation is the First Step

Email me at to book your Landscape design consultation. It’s a paid consultation that you prepare for with a brief questionnaire I call “homework”.

Let’s reimage your landscape

Hope to meet with you soon.

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