My Happy Place: Pollinator Street Garden

Happy Garden Greets Me

Pollinators a’buzzing, colors deep and pretty, heights and textures varied, I’m enjoying this garden. Super glad the bunnies and groundhogs are dining elsewhere. This pollinator garden has become my happy place.

Loss of a Favorite Garden

The winter before last, the snow plow destroyed most of my existing street garden. An over abundant population of bunnies and hedgehogs devoured the rest to nubs.

Loss Brings New Design Opportunity

Losing that garden was really disappointing. It greeted me every time I left home or returned.

However, it gave me a chance to design a new one with a pollinator theme. And, a chance to test new varieties of old favorites that I’d been wondering about. While I was at it, I researched plants that bunnies and hedgehogs wouldn’t eat, and chose from that list.

Transplants Play a Role

This new garden also features Daylilies transplanted from my back garden. This one is amazing.

Bearded Iris that bloom earlier in the season were also transplanted. They provide interesting blade shapes now.

New Garden Asks Me to Linger and Pause

It’s really fun having a brand new garden. Unlike my older established gardens, I don’t know quite what to expect. I find myself taking “garden” breaks just to enjoy the daily changes. This fascination calms my central nervous system and brings me joy.

A Happy Place Awaits You

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