• Wilding Your Garden–3 Types of Natural

    Wilding Your Garden–3 Types of Natural

    Natural Gardens range from field meadows to designed Flower Gardens that use native pollinators and grasses. Read more

  • “Wilding” Your Perennial Garden

    “Wilding” Your Perennial Garden

    Learn how to Design a Naturalistic Pollinator Flower Garden Love the new wilder gardens you see in magazines and Instagram? Me, too.  If you’re wondering how to start it’s helpful to know that these naturalistic gardens are more than field meadows. They are not created by just not cutting your lawn. It’s about a different… Read more

  • Landscape Design Transformation

    From Ordinary to Extraordinary Front Door Entry Garden Focal Point This welcoming garden is one part of the Landscape Master Plan created for this client. The design was implemented and constructed in phases over several years. The landscape design transformation began with the entry garden. It started when the client and I chose the special… Read more

  • What’s a “Mixed Border”?

    Lush Fall “Mixed Border” Flower Garden This lush planting of flowering trees, shrubs, and perennials is called a “mixed border”. That’s a type of flower garden. It will also have winter interest, so this is a Four-Season planting design. The plants haven’t all grown in as this is their first year. Using a design method… Read more

  • Flower Garden for All Seasons & Pollinators

    A Client writes: Flower Gardens start with a Plan & a Vision This past May we shaped beds and planted my Landscape Design that was created the previous fall. Working with Jim and Diane, the Plan for the Perimeter Flower Garden would embrace two sides of their property. The new garden connects visually with their… Read more

  • Shades of Inspiration

    My Shade Garden Both retreat and design inspiration, my daily treks could easily be considered “forest bathing”. Quick strolls and lingering pauses help me absorb the garden as it is awakening my senses. Pausing in the garden also rests my brain, so active while I’m deep into design work creating landscapes and gardens. Enjoy the… Read more